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ANZAC Day and your Waistline

anzac dayANZAC day is a very special and also much cherished Australian historic day.

It’s a day of gratitude and reflection. One where we recognise all those who made (and continue to make) great sacrifices, in order that we may lead the life that most of us take for granted. A day of the unusual coming together of very different sets of emotional drivers.

Many of us, of course, use this day as a celebration of things that unite us- including our families and friends. For others, it’s a great chance to either get away or simply to get out and do a little communal celebrating with all sorts of food and drink thrown in!

Now here at Adventures in Weight Loss we like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that although there will be plenty of food and drinks all round, it is important to keep in mind that you needn’t ignore good eating practices to enjoy the occassion and get togethers.

We have produced a great recipe book of healthy eating ANZAC day recipes that you can download and prepare. It even includes a healthier version of the famous Anzac biscuits, so you don’t have to reach for the commercially prepared ones that seem to appear in such abundance and often, then, sit in our pantry shelves for months. Hmmm…could this be good for us, you should ask!Anzac Day Recipe Booklet

From our recipe book you’ll see it’s perfectly possible to prepare some great and satisfying food that helps to maintain this true Australian comemorative tradition but without compromising or damaging our long term health.

So, why not look at our recipe book here?

Above all though, all the team at Adventures in Weight Loss hope you and those close to you have a really great day with time to reflect and be grateful for what is present around us. Life is about living and our weight loss programs are designed to help educate you to enjoy life, enjoy eating and, of course, live your own adventure!